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Dwarf Survival, a rogue-like for everyone

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"We are a new studio that believes games enrich our lives and should bring frustration, heart ache, turmoil as we journey. But ultimately, it should flood us with joy in our victory."

stephen CEO

Ever wondered where all the "Good Old Games" have went. Ever lamented the state of over complex, over stylised, over time-taxing games that are flooding our gaming lives.

Our aim to produce games that hold real joy in playing but not at the cost of everything else in our lives.





Dwarf Survival

Dwarf Survival is a rogue-like set in the darkness of the underground where any of the evils that haunt your dreams may be as close as the corner you are rounding.

In Dwarf Survival you play as a survivor of a caravan that was travelling through the wilderness only to wake to find yourself alone and uncertain where you are.

You must use your witts and skill as you navigate through caverns, dungeons, villages and fortresses to finally earn the freedom that was taken from you.

As simply as this sounds, between waking and freedom lie creatures of the darkness. Some are simply looking for their next meal, others are a little crueler and seek to maim and kill for their own enjoyment.

But on the upside, before you lie the chance to gather silver, gold and treasure from the secret places and bodies of those who stand in your way. And if this was not enough, then maybe some retribution upon those that caused your plight may add a smile to your face.

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