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In a virtual Dungeon somewhere...

Ever wondered why you always speak to a low level tech person when you call for support? I think it is normally because they don't want "normal people" speaking to programmers. After being a "professional programmer" for over 10 years, this is probably the best policy. But given you are here, then you probably want to know what we are doing at Coslen Gaming.

I thought for my first developer blog post I'll start with the basics of who, what and why.

The Who:

I'm professional programmer with many years of experience being paid for the work I do. But unfortunately this never involve one of the first loves of my life, Computer Games.

I started my love of computer games playing Zork, a text based game. Yeah they really did exist. I fell completely in love with it. Years passed with me growing increasing in love with a couple of styles of games, normally rpg / fantasy. It was only after my university days were gone and I needed to get serious, did I find that I no longer played. I found not playing games completely unacceptable and sort to rectify this.

Since then a few games have come and gone. Some I found, that although I loved many of them, most had become too complicated to just sit down and play for ten minutes. Most I could not even begin to think of introducing my 10 year old to. Then a bolt of lightning, why not make a game my self. 

As so Coslen Gaming was born.

The What:

Enter "Dwarf Survival" a rouge-like game, just because i love them. I love the concept of a person walking into a labyrinth for the fun of it. I love the concept of perma-death, after all, when you stuff up you really pay the price. I love the never really be sure of what I'm doing tension.

The Why:

I want a game that will captivate the player and engage their mind and not just their reflexes. I wanted a game that would allow my children and my older friends to play at their own level and love it equally.


Anyway, that's maybe enough for now. I'll plan to post about the concept next and then follow that up with my basic feature set of the game. Would love to have your comments and feedback.


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