First Glance at the Actor


Every game have actors had interact to enable the game to play out. Dwarf Survival is no different.

One of the most difficult thing to do in a game is to balance theses actor interactions, especially when it comes to combat.

However everything must start from some point of comparision. Therefore here is what we are using.



Attributes are the set of physical and mental qualities that effect in discrete ways the set of skill possessed by the actor.

Actor Influences

  1. D&D - Dungeon and Dragons (visit)
  2. Dead Simple Fantasy (visit)
  3. War Hammer (visit)

Over time I've played many rpg/fantasy games and most if not all have the same set of attributes for each actor. However the skill sections change from game to game. In my case, I love the thoughts of Dead Simple Fantasy and hence I mimic their skill set but plan to expand these to allow for more control latter.  However I taken the skill and apply them more in line with the D&D approach. In terms of health / hit points I've love the Dead Simple Fantasy thought of limited Wounds but I favour the thoughts of the War Hammer universe instead.

Base Value 5

I've chosen to use the value 5 as the common value as it allows for actors for be below average and also allow for above average to be achieved. I find when starting from a zero base it is difficult to make a level zero(0) monster. This is more like the D&D skill system where 10 is used.

Actor's Future

Although I like the Dead Simple Fantasy Skill set, I'm planning on expanding these to provide more "Profession" skill types. For example, a Burglary skill set would include Lock Picking, Poisoning, Trap Detection, Trap Setting, etc. A Healing skill send would include mending of wounds, curing of poison, etc. I see the "Professional" Skills as somethings that a master really needs to impart to a student in order for skill to be improved past a certain point.

"Survival" Skills I see as the set of skills that are employed when interacting with the environment around us. I see these as the name suggests, skill that allow the actor to survive in the world. So questions like, how easily can I move an object, how much food can I find around me, do I even notice the trap in front of me, all obtain answers from this set of skills.

Overlapping skills are difficult as many different profession have these are focal points. Stealth for example is separate as Hunters and Thieves share it. Likewise Craft is separate as Thieves and Blacksmiths share it. Therefore for these I'm currently favouring including them as individual skills.

The trick I have is that I wish every actor to be able to learn any skill from any class. After all, I can learn to run and swim and swing and axe. But I can also learn to perform magic tricks. I want this sort of freedom for my actors. So my challenge is to introduce a balancing mechanism into the game to allow every choice to balance out evenly.

To be completely honest, most of these are fluid at the moment as I'm going through balancing the game play with the evolving features of the game continues.

I intend to start posting Race/Class card in the future but I thought this would be a good place to start. I would love to know what you think.

Until next time..

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