Release 1.0 Targets

What to Expect

As previously stated, the goal I am attempting to achieve is a series of releases that add full features in to the game as a whole. As such the previous post showed a list of features that I would like to see in the final game, however this is not practical for me to attempt in a first release. I would like to see gamers playing the game and giving feedback as the next release is in production.

So I thought I would outline what I am trying for in the first release.

Release 1.0

  • Basic Level Generation
  • Physical Combat Mechanics - Melee and Range
  • Victory Condition
  • Initial Monster Catalogue
  • Basic Itinerary and Equipment
  • Basic Survival Mechanics

Why These Features

Simply put, I believe if I achieve these then the set of features that comprise a Rogue-Like will be meet.

When I look at the market and the Rogue-Likes out there, I understand the amount of effort that have been put into them. I also understand the long term stayers (e.g. nethack, adom) have been around for a long time and are under continuous development. This is were I am aiming to be. The only problem is that the road is very long.

Take Adom, was started in 1994 and was released on steam in 17 November 2015. However from their change log a long story can be seen( and . But if you look through the site's articles 6th of August, 2001 was when the first release was published. 7 years of tears and joy that is the torture of developing a game part-time.

I hope to be a little more focused in terms of my milestones. Therefore I aim for the above set.

Anyway, would love to here your comments.


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